Sabbatical…kind of

So, I’ve returned to Costa Rica for a spell. I lived over here/there for 5 years and have returned to visit old friends and surf. The pace of life is pleasantly relaxed so I’ve decided to learn how to use my website!

On my return I’ll be playing Bristol Jazz Fest with ‘Indigo Kid’ feat. Iain Ballamy, Calum Gourlay and Martin France. Ill also be guesting with Jake McMurchies’ ‘Michelson Morley’

In other music related news…Ive been writing for 2 projects which have been swimming in my mind for a couple of years. Firstly an organ quartet with Gareth Lockrane on flutes. Its amazing to write for specific musicians especially when there so incredible and interesting. The same goes for the other players, Ross Stanley and Tim Giles. These guys are all so deeply musical that they can get right at the core of things so quickly. The pressure then becomes to write proficiently and sensitively  to allow them to go where they are capable of getting. My aim is to record a album in July 2014.

The second project thats got my juices flowing is a piano quartet with my old buddies from college. Joe Webb (piano), Aidan Thorne (bass) and Gethin Jones (drums).  I played in numerous contexts with these guys for 7 years, so its been a real epiphany to write for this band. The joy of playing with the same people in different set ups is getting a strong connection and understanding of the way each other feels and flows with music. Also, the piano/guitar line up is something that I’ve been listening a lot to recently and I’m very inspired by parings such as Bill Evans/Jim Hall, Metheny/Melhdau, Bernstein/Mehldau, among others.