Dan Messore is a broad minded and eclectic musician. After travelling extensively and settling in Central America for several years, he returned to the UK and completed a MA in jazz and composition at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. He has since gone on to be a much in demand musician and spanning scenes and genres. 

It’s to the guitarist/composer’s credit, that his right hand man in his quartet “Indigo Kid” is  mentor and ex-Loose Tubes sideman, the incredible British saxophonist Iain Ballamy. Who has also produced  Messore’s eponymous debut recording of the same name. 


Ballamy has reams of praise for the young guitarist. They met whilst Messore was studying, but their relationship quickly developed into that of master and pupil. The mentor pulling Messore into the view of the British jazz community where he has flourished and pushed on to new ground.

As a member of the up and coming band Little Arrow who’s album “Wild Wishes” was nominated for the Welsh Music Prize 2013.  Messore brings a wealth of intricately crafted components, effected sounds, contemporary rock explosions and musicianship to the beauty of William Hughes’ songwriting. The band is on the rise and gaining a great following, they are set to record their third album to be released in 2014.


Regular guest with ‘Michelson Morley’  A melodic, atmospheric, minimalist music led by Get The Blessing saxophonist Jake McMurchie and featuring the best of Bristol’s jazz scene in the form of Will Harris on bass, Mark Whitlam on drums, and also featuring special guest and vortex regular Dan Messore on guitar. Electronics and acoustic instruments combine with an evolutionary approach to improvisation to create scientifically aural magic.

He is also a founding member of hit theatre show The Bloody Ballad. http://www.gagglebabble.co.uk/our-shows/bloody-ballad/  which has leaped from strength to strength having enjoyed several awards from their recent run at the Edinburgh Fringe. Messore plays guitar in the Nashville and rockabilly surf style in this role. The show has received rave reviews and awards.  They will be performing at Brighton Fringe and touring extensively in 2014. 

Messore is someone who has inherited and absorbed a diverse range of music, and has played all over the world. He might draw from the sensitive side of post-contemporary fusion where Pat Metheny meets Kurt Rosenwinkel but is also filled with the rich folk-rock traditions of a John Fahey, with touches of Bill Frisells’ Americana/Nashville and the recently departed Bert Jansch. Messore’s sweet folky harmonies and dreamily chiming open chords recall the misty mountain landscapes of Led Zeppelin. While his wild side fuses the psychedelia of Hendrix and the wistfulness of Jeff Buckley. He is constantly voyaging into new musical territory via respectful learning of the historical and cultural traditions, as well as being inspired by the great individuality that’s expressed by musicians of our time.

Messore runs a  residency at top UK jazz club The Vortex in London ‘View From The Tower’ is a septet featuring the pinnacle of the countries players, a revolving line up Gareth Lockrane, Dave Hamblett, Rory Simmons, Trish Clowes, Simon Roth, Rick Simpson, Mike Chillingworth, Tom Farmer, Steve Watreman, Dave Manington and Elliot Galvin. The material consists of his and others arrangements, exploring great British contemporary composers from the last four decades.